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Pandemic Pivot - Adjusting Your IT Strategy to Embrace Change with Frank Ziller, Chief Information Officer

Tuesday, August 23 | 2:30-3:30PM ET

Maryland A

After a couple of years of plans on-hold, delayed projects, hardware supply chain issues, work routine changes, cloud innovations, and new security threats -- where does your IT Strategy stand? This is a discussion on how to embrace change and develop a new strategic plan.

Key Focus:

  • How have you pivoted in the last two years to ensure a strong IT strategy during times of uncertainty?
  • Change Management Strategy
  • Leadership Strategies
  • WFH playbook


Thanks, but No Thanks - How to Handle Technology Requests That Are Just Not Right... with Jim Turner, Executive Vice President of Business Development

Wednesday, August 24 | 4:00-5:00PM ET

Maryland C

We've all been there. A key individual in your organization believes they have found the best utility for a particular job. An important person has a personal connection with a vendor and insists on trying their software. A newly hired heavy hitter wants to purchase the same software they used at their last job.

As Litigation and Practice Support professionals, managing the software stack and vetting new or replacement tools is part of our job. What are some experiences and strategies we can share that will help us provide the best service and navigate in these often-challenging situations?

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